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Army jawans in Siachen share glimpse of daily life-Frozen juice packets, rock-hard eggs



Eggs as hard as a rock, frozen juice packets, solidified vegetables—that is what the Indian army soldiers face each day to sustain themselves under inclement weather conditions at the Siachen glacier. In a video making rounds on social media platforms, a few soldiers posted in Siachen show how everyday task becomes challenging due to extreme climate and hostile terrain conditions.

“We have to boil the juice in order to drink it,” a soldier says while opening a tetra-pack of juice that has turned into a solid brick. It does not break even after being battered several times with a hammer.

“Even if we hit the eggs with a hammer, they won’t break,” says another soldier who bangs an egg against a table, but only to see it jump back. While another uses all his force to smash the egg with an hammer-but only to fail multiple times before succeeding.

“Ye hai glacier ka Anda (This is glacier’s egg),” says the soldier jokingly. “It is not easy to live here as the temperature goes from -40 to -70-degree Celsius,” he adds.

Located in the eastern Karakoram range, the Siachen Glacier is the world’s highest battlefield. The Indian Army has been maintaining the Siachen Glacier since 1984 under the Operation Meghdoot.



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