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No travel ban for minor debts ranging between KD 100 and 200



The Sentences Enforcement General Department of the Ministry of Justice has streamlined procedural arrests of Kuwaitis particularly in the event of travel ban imposed on them for failing to pay small sums of money, which has been the case over the years and caused embarrassment to many families because at the last minute their travel plans are disrupted.There is a new trend to turn a blind eye to travel bans and search and arrest warrants requested by companies against Kuwaitis after an extensive study by the department and came to the conclusion that measures taken earlier need not be continued.

The judges deliberated on the issue two weeks ago and concluded that these requests lack reason of the law and does not necessitate prevention of travel just because a citizen owes a company, especially if the sum is small and the Kuwaiti debtor will not intend to abandon his homeland to avoid paying a handful of dinars.What the judges meant here by ‘small sum’ is debt ranging between KD 100 and 200.

The most important condition is not available in the request as the creditor company does not provide evidence of the Kuwaiti debtor’s failure to pay the debt despite the ability to do so.The travel ban and the search and arrest warrant are an exceptional way and cannot be expanded because they represent restrictions on the freedom of individuals and freedom of movement contrary to the logic of reality which calls for more guarantees of personal freedoms.-A.T.


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