Indians,mostly from Kerala lead in expat suicides



Every year people in Kuwait have been ending their lives for various reasons . Recent official statistics show the majority of expats committing suicide in Kuwait are members of the Indian community. Statistics indicate that 394 Indian men and women committed suicide in Kuwait in a 10-year period from 2007 to 2017, including 331 males and 63 females. Statistics also showed that a record number of suicides by Indians were recorded in 2016, with 47 males and seven females taking their lives, which was in stark contrast to the rates of death by natural causes for Indians in the same year.

An Indian human rights activist said the spread of this phenomenon was for many reasons, mostly psychological and economic, indicating that some committed suicide because they were deceived by Indian employment agencies who sold them illusions when the reality was something else since some of them had even mortgaged their homes to obtain a work visa in Kuwait.

A study by psychiatrists showed that the highest number of Indians committing suicide hail from the southern state of Kerala – 32 percent of the total number. But psychiatrists also stressed that it is noteworthy to mention that the majority of Indians in Kuwait come from that state.