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MOI deported about 148,000 expatriates between 2013 and 2019



The Ministry of Interior between 2013 and 2019 has deported about 148,000 expatriates of various nationalities. Those deported are the violators of residence and labor laws, criminals and others.

Men outnumbered women among the deportees with men accounting for 88,000 and women about 60,000. During the six years 29,000 Indian men were deported, which is the single largest community, followed by Egyptians, 16,000; then came in the Bangladeshis, 14,000; Sri Lankans and Nepalese 5,000; Ethiopians 4,000, the Filipinos 1,700 and the rest of people of different nationalities.Among the women the Ethiopians ranked first with 14,000, Filipinos 13.5 thousand, Sri Lankans 12,000, by Indians 7,000, Nepalese 5,000, Egyptians 400, Bangladeshis 200, and the rest other nationalities.

The administrative of the Deportation Department is making strenuous efforts to deport expatriates, in coordination with other bodies such as the Ports Department and the Criminal Evidences Department represented by the Department of Personal Investigation, the Public Administration of Correctional Institutions, the Execution of Judgments and the General Administration of Immigration, Preventive Security and Rescue Patrols.-A.T.


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