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New dependent visa and visit visa rules clarified



The minimum salary cap which is set at KD 500 includes a new condition.According to the new condition expatriates who are involved in what is considered as ‘marginal profession’ cannot apply for dependent visa even if they meet the KD 500 salary cap.

The children of expatriates who are 18 years and above and study in universities in Kuwait and abroad have the right to renew their residence, provided they submit a bonafide certificate in this regard.Reports of children 12 years and above will not be granted dependent visa is denied, saying there is no change in visa rules except that the salary cap has been raised from KD 450 to KD 500.

The minimum salary required to apply for a visit visa for wife and children is KD 250, however, the concerned department has a last say in such issues and can issue a visit visa even if the salary of the sponsor is KD 200.The duration of a visit visa for siblings and parents is one month only, unlike the three-months given to the wife and children. However, extension of visa in exceptional cases is totally at the discretion and consideration of the General Department for Residence Affairs, whatever the case may be, including health issues.-A.T.


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