E crime cases at the courts reached 1,057, up by 3,300%



Recent justice ministry statistics showed the number of electronic crime cases at the courts reached 1,057 during the first half of the year, which is an increase of more than 3,300 percent compared to the first six months of 2018, with 18 cases only. Judicial sources said the cases are presented by individuals against others and by the government against individuals. They said the most notable cases are those of blackmail, threats, defamation, insults and invasion of privacy. Cases also included misuse of the phone, urging debauchery and insulting local and foreign leaders.The reasons for increase in the number of such cases are the emergence of many social media accounts especially fake ones and wrong use of technology, which led the victims to resort to the judiciary to the extent of six cyber-crime cases being filed every 24 hours. The judiciary will deal strictly with such cases, and show no tolerance in punishing the convicts.