7 Indians arrested for forging documents and certificates using fake Indian Embassy seals



Personnel from the Criminal Investigation Department have arrested seven Indian nationals for forging documents and certificates using fake Indian Embassy seals.All the arrested persons are from Andhra Pradesh and are believed to be members of a large documents forging gang.

The Kuwaiti Investigation Department arrested the culprits near the embassy premises while they were allegedly attesting the certificates and documents. They found that the culprits were skilled in forging and issuing driving licence.As part of the investigation, the authorities approached one of the culprits on the pretext of attesting a document to get a driving license. While the required service was given after three days, the person was caught red handed. The other six persons from the gang were arrested subsequently.

The investigation team then raided the residence of the suspects and found the seals of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs and high resolution printer which was used to forge the certificates and documents being issued in the name of the Embassy.It is estimated that they earned up to 50,000 dinars per month. The investigation team recovered items including cash, gold and expensive watches from their homes.-A.T.