Bangladesh and Sri Lanka also refuse to receive their nationals



Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have joined India and the Philippines by refusing to receive their nationals to be deported from Kuwait. A security source told Al-Rai newspaper that the Department of Sentencing in the Ministry of Interior has prepared all the deportees by examining them medically and making sure that they are free of the Coronavirus, and has also implemented fingerprinting and ticket reservations for all deportees of Indian, Filipino, Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi nationals.

Even though all these measures have been completed their countries have refused receiving them justifying the absence of a “PCR” certificate from Kuwait confirming their safety, which has created an obstacle for the Ministry of Interior for their travel.Kuwait is awaiting those countries to open their airspace as all deportation procedures have been completed, so that they can be deported.

The source concluded that the concerned authorities have been working with the embassies of the expatriates to be deported but did not receive any favourable response from them yet and they were coordinating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to coordinate with the respective governments so that the matter is resolved.

Kuwait is trying to reduce the number of inmates so as to relieve the pressure in its jails and is fast tracking the process so as to prevent any chances of coronavirus spread in the country.


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