Indian Frontliners Kuwait helping Amnesty and Corona Lockdown sufferings

Indian Frontliners Kuwait helping Amnesty and Corona Lockdown sufferings 

- an all-time big humanitarian service

 1Amnesty had been declared for one month from April 1st to 30th for undocumented foreigners in the country.

As per the amnesty announced by the state of Kuwait, Indian nationals who are staying here without any valid documents can leave the country without any fine or paying for the air ticket.

Indian Embassy authorized 282 volunteers from  various Indian Forums- including Indian Frontliners.  Due to the corona virus problem and curfew as people could not come out, these volunteers with risk visited door to door all around Kuwait to collect the documents of the need, submitted to embassy and finished the job successfully.

Indian nationals desiring to benefit from the Amnesty were requested to approach the centers at Farwaniya and in Abasiya for final process.

Volunteers guided and helped the Indians to fill the required papers along with the Indian Embassy to formalize the travel needs. This was a great help for many of these Indians as they cannot read/write and also understand the requirements.


Within this period, several thousands of Indians without Passport or Civil ID have been utilized this offer. Majority Indians have been sheltered in repatriation centers and they are provided with free food. All the expenses are being taken care of by the Kuwait Government.

In addition to help the Indians to fly back home, Indian Frontliners team Mr. Durai, Ramesh, Alavudeen & Ncm  took care of the tireless-dedicated volunteers by providing them food, snacks, drinks etc.

Recently  transporting amnesty Indians started by Kuwait Airways and Jazeera flights to India free of cost. It delayed because of the readiness of India to accept these many people in the Corona atmosphere and quarantine places.


Soon after the amnesty works, Corona fear has reached and many jobs were stopped and partial curfew was implemented. This made lot of Indians losing their jobs and salaries. It came to a stage that people cannot pay their house rents or eat food properly.

Many of  our community workers don’t have any savings at hand and it was almost impossible to find food and money. IFL decided to help the needy Indians in Fahaheel, Mangaf, Abu-Halifa, Salmiya ,Hawali and other far areas.

IFL Vice President Mr. P.Senthilkumar immediately formed a team to gear up this volunteer service.

The COVID 19 pandemic has affected all sections of the community and the need of the hour is to come together collectively to identify and address sections which require immediate help to alleviate their suffering.


With the available and mobilised funds from IFL, it started buying groceries and distributing the needed provisions for a month by maintaining social distancing and to complete within the allowable time before the curfew. IFL have collected the needy personnel list in April as many as 1070 Indians.

As the requirements increase for many, under the guidance of the Embassy of India Kuwait  when the  committee ICSG  formed to respond to the basic and essential needs of the Indian Community , IFL joined with them.

After ICSG started making online registration, IFL spot out around 1080 needy people for the food kit to be supplied.

In addition to the ICSG food kits, IFL did its best to supply with the needed provisions for all of one thousand plus people at least one time. Tamil Karpor Kuzhumam, Malabar Gold and few like-minded people also joined with us to spare provisions to the needy people.


In addition to this, we supported the families of some of the diseased and victims due to corona. Also IFL  joined with Mughal Mahal’s  Help the needy  project to distribute Food boxes all over Kuwait.

IFL not only helped our community in Kuwait  but also in India! It is note worth that IFL is the first one from Kuwait to send Rs 1,00,000 to PM relief fund.

Our funds have been widely utilized for the poor people through many NGOs in India like Palam,, Exnora, World Women Chennai Trust, Annai Trust,Ninalam trust, Head India Kangaroo etc. to supply , food,groceries and safety kits.

Also with another initiative from IFL members we mobilized from Kuwait, Canada and Qatar almost 4,00,000 INR to 20 blind families in India for their living of 8 months till December-2020.


ICSG appreciates the good work and efforts of IFL for extending our help to the weaker sections . It was our pleasure to have ICSG on board to work for the collective welfare of our community.

There were lot of  thankful messages from many of the people who received food kits help from IFL or ICSG. It was tough to distribute during the curfew and Ramadan hours. We thank Indian Embassy and ICSG for the needed help to protect our fellow Indians.

We pray and hope to come out from this Virus soon, so that people can resume their work and make their own living.

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