74th independence day of India


Indian Frontliners effort made it possible for two to breath fresh air in their second life




It was on June 17th 2013, two Indian nationals Suresh Shanmugasundram and Kalidas got their second life in Kuwait when they received the news that Kuwaiti authorities cancel their death sentence! Today after spending almost a decade in Kuwait Jail faithfully, both reached India thanks to the continuous efforts of social activist and Indian Embassy. Suresh and Kalidas, both hailing from Tamil Nadu were facing the death sentence in Kuwait and was supposed to be executed on June 18th 2013. Then Indian Ambassador to Kuwait Sri Sathish C Mehta acted promptly and took up the matter with very senior authority in Kuwait, and as a result, their death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment. The matter was bought to the Ambassador’s attention by the social worker Mr. K. Mathi of Indian Frontliners.


Last week, when the Kuwait government released around 100 long-time prisoners, Suresh and Kalidas were also released thanks to faithfully spending their life term in Kuwait jail hopping for their release. Both of them returned to India and reunited with their family, breathing the fresh Air of homeland.

Mr. P.P. Narayanan, Community welfare Secretary of Indian Embassy, was working closely with Kuwait government authorities for the release of these prisoners from the jail. It is noteworthy to mention that Mr. P.P. Narayanan is retired on August 30th 2020 from service, and he has made it possible before his retirement. Both Mr Suresh and Kalidas thanked the Kuwait government, Indian embassy officials, Mr. Mathi and Mr. Velu for their continuous help and support and timely intervention in saving their lives and for a long fight for their release.