Australian couple won Domino’s free pizza for 60 years after they name son ‘Dominic’



Fast food chain Domino’s has said a family in Australia has won free pizzas for the next six decades after they picked the name they suggested for their newborn son.

The pizza giant recently had a competition offering 60 years worth of free pizza to one Australian family that named its newborn baby either ‘Dominic’ or ‘Dominique’. To participate the competition, the baby had to be born in Australia on December 9, 2020 – the date of the company’s 60th anniversary celebrations.

Sydney-based couple Clementine Oldfield and Anthony Lot won the competition after they welcomed their first baby in the early hours of the day, just a few hours after the event began. The company declared the couple the winners of the competition and said they would get pizza worth $14 every month for the 60 years, which would be worth $10,080.

The first-time parents said it was a coincidence as they had already decided to name their son ‘Dominic’ and came across the advertisement days before he was born. The baby was scheduled to be born earlier but after a prolonged 72-hour birthing process, Dominic Julian Lot was born at 1.47 a.m. on December 9.

The competition was scheduled to remain open till January 2021.