Know exactly what user data each app collects



Apple’s new privacy labels have not only made all app developers reveal what data the app collects, they are also required to explain how this data is being used. This has been done to ensure that you as a user are fully aware of exactly what personal data you are giving an app access to without getting lost in lengthy privacy policies.

Taking on messaging apps, the ones that are the most popular, we’ve looked into which messaging app collects what data so as you can take a look and decide if it is worth using that app or should you prefer shifting to another, less intrusive one.

Straight off the bat, the two Facebook products - WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger collect the most data as compared to Apple’s own iMessage and considerably more private Signal and Telegram. Take a look:


Data collected by app: Phone Number, Email Address, Contacts, Coarse Location, Device ID, User ID, Advertising Data, Purchase History, Product Interaction, Payment Info, Crash Data, Performance Data, Other Diagnostic Data, Customer Support, Product Interaction, Other User, Content, Metadata.

Facebook Messenger

Data collected by app: Precise Location, Coarse Location, Physical Address, Email Address, Name, Phone Number, Other User Contact Info, Contacts, Photos or Videos, Gameplay Content, Other User Content, Search History, Browsing History, User ID, Device ID, Third-Party Advertising, Purchase History, Financial Info, Product Interaction, Advertising Data, Other Usage Data, Crash Data, Performance Data, Other Diagnostic Data, Other Data Types, Developer’s, Advertising or Marketing, Health, Fitness, Payment Info, Sensitive Info, Product Personalization, Credit Info, Other Financial Info, Emails or Text Messages.


Data collected by app: Email Address, Phone Number, Search History, Device ID.


Data collected by app: None.

You need to sign up on Signal using your mobile phone number for registration, but the app does not link your phone number to your identity. If you check the app on the App Store it states that there is no data linked to you.


Data collected by app: Name, Phone Number, Contacts, User ID

Just a glance at this list and you’ll know that Signal is clearly the most secure messaging app and both of Facebook’s products are as data greedy as it gets. No wonder Facebook got that miffed with Apple and its privacy labels and the user tracking restrictions!


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