DGCA issued circular to charge airlines for PCR test from Feb 21st.



Deputy Director General for Kuwait International Airport Affairs, Eng. Saleh Al-Fadaghi, issued a circular to airlines operating at Kuwait International Airport, charging airlines the cost of checking the "PCR" for all passengers coming to Kuwait via the "Kuwait Mosafer Application" starting from February 21st. The circular also informed about the implementation of institutional quarantine for all incoming passengers for a period of 7 days, in one of the hotels designated for this purpose and listed on the Kuwait Mosafer Application.

The circular stressed the need for airlines to abide by the decisions of the Council of Ministers and not to allow passengers to board the plane if they do not meet the requirements for the aforementioned decisions and to register on the "Kuwait-Traveler" platform, and that whoever violates these decisions will be subject to legal procedures.

Sources also mentioned that the ground handling service providers at airport have completed all set ups for the logistical services and allocating examination sites for private laboratories at the airport to receive all arrivals.

General Administration of Civil Aviation informed the local airlines of the proposed value for checking (PCR) for all incoming passengers, with a maximum of 30 dinars per examination, indicating that each airline will determine the proposed price for the examination by it based on its agreement with the National Medical Centers.

The private health centers are scheduled to be present at Kuwait International Airport as of the middle of this week, in preparation for the implementation of the examination and institutional quarantine process on the 21st of this month.




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