Feeling Proud!!! No Scary!!

                       - Hari Lakshmanan

As a "Frontliner" Health Worker, yesterday I am immunized with Made in India Vaccine COVISHIELD in Farwaniya Hospital in Kuwait during ongoing nationwide vaccine programme along with my colleagues. Meanwhile many Doctors, Staff Nurses and other health worker also got the shots. 
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After taking the dose, I am fine with mild fever, no headache, no vomit and no other adverse effects. I have to take Second dose after three months.
It brings me great pride that India's COVISHIELD is part of this Kuwait saving lives historic effort, and to endorse its safety and efficacy. It is a proud moment for the nation and a great milestone in India's scientific capability, a kickstart to the innovation ecosystem in India".
India's first COVID-19 approved COVISHIELD vaccine is a safest, good efficacy and cost effective, Which is stored and transported at a refrigeration temperature of 2-8 degree Celsius is made by taking a common cold virus called an adenovirus from chimpanzees and deleting about 20 per cent of the virus's instructions. It also follows the genetic instructions programmed into it by its developers to successfully provoke a strong immune response.
I would like to appeal to everyone, The vaccine is totally safe, effective, and we can defeat coronavirus only when all of us get vaccinated.
IFL 2021 Republic Day Special