Indian expats await end of COVID-19 travel ban



With all commercial flights between India and Kuwait suspended until further notice, Indian expats are wondering when they will be able to go home.

India is currently witnessing a surge in COVID-19 cases and has an average of 300,000 new infections a day.

Many Indian expats are worried about when they will be able to travel, while others are stuck in limbo as they await to return to Kuwait.

“When I heard the news I got really upset because that means I can not travel for maybe another six to seven months. We don’t know when we can travel to India and see our family,” Anil Alva, a 45-year old accountant from Mangalore, told Gulf News.

Ravi, a 35-year old manager from Punjab, has been stuck in India since December 2020. He said, “It was very sad when I heard the news and the situation is not improving, so I am not sure when I can come back to Kuwait,” he told Gulf NThe circular mentioned that all passengers traveling from India are only allowed to enter Kuwait if they quarantine in another country for 14-days prior to their arrival.

Imad Barakat, General Manager of Barakat Travel Agency, pointed out, “we are unsure where people traveling from India should quarantine since all the Gulf countries have banned flights from India and other options are too expensive.”