MOI To Deport Residency Violators


According to local media, the interior ministry is ready to detain hundreds of thousands of people who have violated residency laws. The sources noted that the ministry of interior leadership has been given instructions to continue going after people who violate residency laws and step up inspection activities. In the meanwhile, the interior ministry will offer a new location to house people being held at the deportation prison in anticipation of their removal from the country.

According to the sources, the sources emphasized that the deportation procedures won't take long and that the ministry of interior will cooperate with relevant authorities to deport violators within three days of their arrest, with the exception of those whose cases necessitate their detention while their cases are being tried. The sources noted that in addition to covering the expense of deporting the expatriate, directives were also given to punish sponsors of individuals who are detained and bar them from sponsoring foreigners for a minimum of two years. The deported foreign nationals would always be prohibited from entering Kuwait.