Bringing Hope To A Better Social Life With Entertainment City


With the Entertainment City project, there is hope for the future, but will it be able to bring enjoyment and fun to thirsty children and their families? Al-Rai daily reports Kuwaiti families are waiting for the sun to rise again on the entertainment city as it once was, a place of celebration for all occasions and holidays.

In its current form on 2.570 million square meters, the extended entertainment city (planned) on the coastal area is one of the huge projects that were within the scope of the Tourism Projects Company. As a result, the Minister of Finance is now responsible for implementing the project in a timely manner, in coordination with a number of government agencies, as the project is of great economic and social importance, as it is a huge recreational outlet serving the citizens of all Gulf countries on holidays. KCCI Board member Osama Al-Nisf told the daily that "communities need entertainment projects, especially if they are successful and integrated.

Kuwait's Vision 2035 will be achieved through the new projects." Dr. Khaled Al-Rasheed, a faculty member at Kuwait University's College of Engineering, said recreational places make up the backbone of any country's tourism industry, since they are the main element attracting tourists, the center of the economy, and the reason citizens and residents stay in the country during the summer.

In response to the Council of Ministers' decision to accelerate the construction of a new entertainment city, Amthal Al-Huwaila, professor of psychology at Kuwait University, thanked them for taking the time to see the needs of the citizens. In order to remove the stress of life, study and work in any society, recreational activities are essential.

According to Al- Huwailah, the project should be completed within a year, so Kuwait can begin entertaining families from all neighboring countries again. Some countries have built huge tunnels and bridges in record time, and she hopes to benefit from their experiences. It was stated by the psychological consultant, Dr. Khaled Al-Mohannadi, that the state is composed of three areas - political, economic, and social, the last of which includes everything that makes a person feel safe, comfortable, and well-being, when he sees the normality and health of society, emphasizing that mental health is an important aspect of social security, as it directly impacts social security, as well as the presence of entertainment venues, which are both preventative and curative.