Rainfall is expected over the next three days.


The Kuwaiti Meteorological Department said the country expects light rainfall Monday and will gradually increase on Tuesday, peaking in the afternoon and continue until Wednesday morning, reports Al- Rai daily. Amira Al-Azmi, Head of the Department of Navigational Forecasting Department, told Kuwait News Agency today, that the country is expected to be affected by rainfall as a result of the extension of a surface depression accompanied by a moist air mass that coincides with the presence of an atmospheric depression in the upper layers of the atmosphere that leads to the multiplication of low and medium clouds accompanied by thunderstorms and a decrease in temperature and horizontal visibility in some areas. She added that the chance of light rain begins on Monday, with light to moderate southeasterly winds that will gradually activate, especially in the coastal areas, with waves rising at night to more than 6 feet.

Al-Azmi expected that the chances of rain will gradually increase from Tuesday, as it will peak from afternoon until Wednesday morning, and it will be moderate in its entirety, with active to strong winds, with a speed of more than 70 kilometers per hour, leading to turbulent waves, as they reach a height of 8 feet. She indicated that the maximum temperatures are expected to record a noticeable increase on Monday and Tuesday, between 24 and 27 degrees Celsius, and to decrease again on Wednesday.