Restrictions on Family Visas for Postgraduate Students in the UK


In January 2024, Kuwaiti postgraduate students studying at British universities will only be able to obtain residency for their families if they are doing research programs, which usually last longer than two years.

The restrictions are part of the British government's decision to impose entry visa restrictions for the families of international students after record immigration rates in recent years, reports Al-Rai newspaper.

It is expected that the procedures will be implemented in January 2024 after consultation with universities and the higher education sector. Only outstanding postgraduate students in research programs will be allowed to bring their families.

Before completing their studies, students will not be allowed to obtain a work visa instead of a student visa.

According to sources at the British Embassy in Kuwait, visas for companions (spouses or children under 18) of postgraduate students (higher diploma or master's degree) studying in non-research programs (lecture system), for residence in the United Kingdom, will be restricted under the new procedures. It will not affect current postgraduate students or students who plan to begin their studies before January 2024.