PACI urges to collect unclaimed Civil ID cards from self-service Kiosk


The Public Authority for Civil Information has urged both citizens and expats to promptly collect their Civil ID cards from the self-service kiosk. However, according to informed sources, there are approximately 211,000 unclaimed cards stored in the Authority’s devices at its headquarters and two branches in Al-Jahra and Al-Ahmadi.

The accumulation of these unclaimed cards is impeding the process of issuing cards to new applicants. The sources explained that cards for citizens, residence holders under Article 20, and children under 5 years old are promptly issued. However, the issuance of other cards is currently in progress, limited by the capacity of the installed smart devices used by the Authority.

The sources also highlighted that digital identity through the “My Identity” application enables citizens and expats to carry out transactions and travel without the need to physically carry their original cards.