Indian Frontliners’s Silver Jubilee celebration (IFL-25) event, a Thundering success!

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Indian Frontliers (IFL), a service Organization started with the motto of “United to Serve - United we serve” is celebrating its 25th year Silver Jubilee and the special event held at Innova International School, Mahboula-Kuwait on 26th May 2023. Thousands of Indians gathered to make this event a grand success.

S. Thirunavukkarasar M.P. (Former Union Minister), Dr. Fouzia Khan M.P. (Former Maharashtra Minister), H.E. Dr. Adarsh Swaika, Indian Ambassador to Kuwait, and Ms. Priyadarshini, Supreme Court Lawyer were present as special guests for the function.

It was celebrated as National Integration Cultural Show and the function started with the traditional lighting of Kuthuvilakku followed by National Anthem.

IFL President Ramadoss presented the welcome address with brief of IFL Services.The cultural feast with variety of dance programs by young children covering dances with various language mix, sequences, medley, cinematic etc., and many more adding traditional flavor to the show.

In this most spectacular show, the IFL released its 23rd volume of book on the theme of “Enticing India” - prepared by NCM-Subbu-Hari-Anand team, covering articles on special Touristic places in India.

IFL-23 book was released by Chief Guest Thirunavukkarasar and received by H.E. Dr. Adarsh Swaika. The Function Souvenir magazine was released by Dr. Fouzia Khan and received by Adv. Priyadharshni. Also a book written by famous Tamil writer Dinamalar “Anthumani” was released by Ambassador and received by Dr. S.M. Hyder Ali.

Mathi, the welfare secretary of IFL was felicitated by Thirunavukarasar MP for his continuous and tireless social services. Mementoes were presented to the well-wishers as a token of acknowledgement, love and honor for their all-time support. 

Ambassador Dr. Adarsh Swaika’s message extending congratulations and appreciations to IFL community was cheered by the crowd.

In her keynote address, Dr. Fouzia Khan praised the intellect and virtue of Indians and advised on the importance of education. She praised and congratulated the IFL organization for helping the needy.  Priyadhrshni spoke about women's rights and the responsibility of parents to their children.

Dr. S. M. Hythar Ali, touched the heart of each and every audience & guests present over there with his powerful and inspiring speech marking history of achievements and services rendered to the society.

Thirunavukkarasar addressed the audience by sharing his experience and knowledge. He praised the service of IFL and honored IFL Founder & Coordinator NC Mohandoss’s continuous coordination of IFL for the past 25 years. Also, he had a Q&A session with audience and inspired the gathering with his answers.

It was joyous colorful and made the crowd enjoys every bit of it. The national integration was well exhibited throughout the 4 hours’ event. Playback Singers Deepak Blue along with Soundarya gave a splendid musical night for the enthralled crowd.

The entire event was well organized with good performances by the artists. Good ambience of the hall added more flavor by making the evening an enjoyable and pleasant one. The program was compiled by Mrs. Rajalakshmi Balaji and Mrs. Rajeevi Raja.


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