The Three Stages of Progress in Kuwaiti Railway Development


At a time when the Public Authority for Roads and Transportation (PART) is studying the completion of bids for the tender of study, design, and preparation of documents for the railway project in its first phase, a government report stated that the tender No. 1 AH I/I for the project of study work, detailed design and preparation of documents was announced in issue No. 1618 of the official gazette dated January 15 at the request of PART. The report explained that the tender being offered is concerned with studying and designing the first phase of the Gulf Track railway project and the facilities affiliated with the project with a length of 111 km.

Kuwait is the northern station of the railway for the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and the Kuwait section of the network represents about five percent of the total with a length of 111 km and connects directly to Saudi Arabia. The first phase was subject to a tender in January for a period of one year. It has three phases, with the first phase involving preparatory work and initial design for a period of four months for the consultant, and one month for the entity’s review, thus a total of five months. The second phase involves financial modeling and feasibility study, with a working period of 1.5 months for the consultant, half a month for review, and thus two months in total.

The third phase, it includes the detailed design and tender documents, with a working period of six months for the consultant and a review period of two months, with a total of eight months. The second and third phases will be implemented concurrently. The proposed project is a “first phase” study and design only, while construction and implementation will take place in three subsequent phases. The first stage includes appointing an international consultant to provide advisory services related to preliminary design work for railway tracks, developing the necessary solutions to address conflicts, fulfilling the requirements of relevant authorities, and preparing the technical documents for the project. The second phase is concerned with the work of qualifying, offering, and awarding the project work to investors in accordance with the established procedures, in addition to presenting and awarding the work of supervising the implementation to an international consultant. The third phase is concerned with implementing all the work related to the project.


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