Be Kuwaiti; use Kuwaiti produce


The Ministry of Social Affairs, the Minister of Social Affairs Sheikh Firas Al-Malik has given instructions to officials to form a team to inspect cooperative societies and outlets selling vegetables and fruits to ensure that 75 percent of the cooperative societies’ stocks are purchased from Kuwaiti farmers. The sources explained that the decision is supposed to be issued this week to launch tours of all sales outlets and ensure that all the cooperative societies’ vegetable and fruit stocks are from local farmers.

Necessary measures will be taken against any cooperative society that does not comply. This is because Sheikh Firas Al-Malik seeks to support farmers through such regulatory decisions. The team will have judicial control. Therefore, any cooperative society that does not comply will be gradually subjected to penalties, as judicial control is initially carried out and then the approval of the cooperative society’s financial authority is suspended. In this context, the sources revealed that Sheikh Firas Al-Malik formed a committee to study citizens’ complaints against cooperative societies, expedite the investigation and follow-up, and take the necessary measures regarding these complaints quickly, away from red tape.

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