Age-Related Guidelines For Physicians & Dentists Are Set By MoH


The Ministry of Health has introduced new regulations for doctors over 65, requiring them to undergo medical examinations every two years to ensure their fitness to practice. General practitioners are permitted to work in various medical settings, including accident departments and outpatient clinics, with exceptions for specialized surgeries.

Furthermore, dentists at the general practitioner level are authorized to work in private clinics, health centers, and hospitals, subject to specific conditions outlined in the decision. Doctors and dentists holding certain titles are restricted from practicing in the private sector unless supervised by licensed establishments for training.

To advance to higher technical levels, doctors must fulfill continuing medical education requirements approved by the Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialties. Additionally, applicants have the right to file grievances within a specified timeframe, with decisions made by the Undersecretary. The decision emphasizes consistency in title qualifications between the government and private medical sectors, considering years of experience in specific specialties.

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