24 New Electronic Services Are Introduced through the Sahl Business App


The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has unveiled a significant milestone in its digitization efforts by launching 24 new electronic services on the "Sahl Business" unified government application for electronic services.

These services, announced in a statement, mark a rapid expansion in automation and digital enhancement aimed at streamlining processes for business owners and companies accessing Ministry services. The 24 services are distributed across five different departments within the Ministry, covering a wide range of sectors.

In the Real Estate Department, services include obtaining a Certificate of No Objection, renewing brokerage licenses, obtaining licenses for publishing real estate sale advertisements, and more.

The Companies Department now offers services like requesting extract printing, commercial register visa printing, joining the reconciliation committee, and managing reconciliation committee requests.

Additionally, the Individual Establishments Licenses and Permits Department introduces services for joining the reconciliation committee and tracking license modification requests.

Furthermore, the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Department launches services for notifications, penalties, and inquiries about violations, while the Commercial Supervision Department introduces an inquiry service for violations.

The Ministry emphasized that these services are part of ongoing efforts to modernize and improve the business environment, aligning with technological advancements to streamline processes and save time and effort for individuals, business owners, and companies.

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