Community Helpers Day at IISM

Community helpers of IISM ready to fly

Ifl Kuwait

 India International School, Mangaf, onboard with a group of community helpers. The first passengers were the masons ready to start the construction. The Electricians, the plumbers, the painters joined hands to give a finishing touch. The safety officers and the firemen well equipped to keep the house safe. The farmer brought in organic vegetables & there were scrumptious delicacies cooked by the chefs and served by the waiters. The tailor, the washer man, the cobbler, the postman were all ready to be a part of the daily life. The seats were filled with the beautician, scientists, lawyer and the vet. The air hostess welcomed all aboard and the plane took off with a wonderful selfie by the photographer. It was a safe and wonderful journey with the awesome captain & stupendous crew members. Every moment spent onboard left a great impact on all passengers.

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