ICSK Gandhi Jayanti Celebration - GRADE 1 & 2

“Peace is the most powerful weapon of mankind.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Primary Wing, Grade I & 2 celebrated Gandhi Jayanti, to commemorate the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi lovingly called ‘Bapu’. On that day students dressed themselves up as Mahatma Gandhi, Freedom Fighters and Bharat Mata and conveyed Gandhiji’s noble messages to spread love, peace and non – violence. The impersonated Gandhiji and his followers took part in a rally and the famous devotional song ‘Regupathy Ragava Rajaram’ instilled a sense of serenity and patriotism in the audience. As a tribute, all the students participated in the ‘’Swach Bharath’’ programme. The programme was aimed towards creating awareness and inculcating Gandhian values of humanity, brotherhood and secularism. The cultural programme consisted of speeches and dance sequences which added patriotic passion among the students. The Vice Principal and Supervisor paid tribute to Gandhi through valuable messages. We extend our thanks to our Principal Dr.Shantha Maria James for the enormous co-operation and guidance.

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