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WORLD FOOD DAY at India International School, Mangaf



WORLD FOOD DAY at India International School, Mangaf

WORLD FOOD DAY at India International School, MangafWorld food day is aimed at promoting activities to tackle global hunger and to increase global awareness on importance of food conservation. IIS decided to celebrate this special day together with Children’s day and conducted activities with the theme TASTE OF THE WORLD on 13.11.18(Tuesday). Stalls were prepared of different cuisines of the world and displayed. Most were the popular cuisines that savored taste buds of international food lovers. The stalls were arranged and aesthetically decorated with national symbols, charts / cut outs of famous monuments, sculptures of respective countries and state. The exhibition was inaugurated by our most respected Director Mr.Malayil Moosa Koya. The first 2 stalls that welcomed everyone were the South Indian Stalls. The Kerala and Tamilnadu WORLD FOOD DAY at India International School, Mangafstalls had the house boat theme. Idli, dosa, vada ,hot filter coffee etc, were among the few items on the menu always on demand. It was followed by the stalls of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh which was decorated with rangoli  and traditional thoranam of yellow, orange and green. The famous delicacies displayed were mysore pak, Pulihora, pesarattu, etc. Next in line were the taste tinglers of West Bengal and Gujarat decorated with hues of red and white and displaying mishtis (sweets) like Malpua ,rasagullas etc and snacks like potato bada, Alupuri etc and traditional gujarathi items like thali, puran poli etc. The colourful and glittering Punjabi truck was the next, loaded with delicacies like Parantha, khadi, chicken tikka etc.

The ambience changed as we took a few steps ahead as we reached a stall decorated with huge lollipops and candies displaying a huge variety of sweets and chocolates from all around the world. Next to which stood the Mexican, Spanish, American and Italian delights .The  Mexican & Spanish stall professionally displayed cuisines like soups, juices, pastas, tacos, casseroles, salads etc. The main attraction of the American and Italian stalls were the hot pancakes which were on high demand. The stroll continued to the stall with Chow Mein, dumplings, sweet and sour chicken pops etc from the land of Pagodas and laughing Buddha. The deviled dishes, Polos, kottu porota etc were displayed in the Srilankan stall decorated with srilankan flag and demon masks. Last but not the least was the Arabic Tent escorted by camel cut outs. It served authentic Arabic dishes, snacks, sweets and had a cozy corner to sit with a cup of hot cup of gawa. Children came dressed in the international costumes and shared the delicacies. As an added treat few student performed dances of different countries and states. Students enjoyed their feast in their own class. Children carried home memories of a yummilicious children’s day celebrations and a great message of sharing and caring. Once again IIS has proven that neither rain, nor flood could dampen our spirits.


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