BMUN 2018 – An Exemplary Experience

Model United Nations are mock sessions of the UN in which students take up the role of official delegates representing various countries of the United Nations and simulate UN committees. The fifth edition of Bhavans Model United Nations was conducted by Indian Educational School on 29th and 30th November 2018. The various committees in BMUN 2018 included United Nations General (UNSC), and an unconventional committee – the Constituent Assembly of India (CAI).

The ICSK delegation for BMUN consisted of ten delegates with Miss Ann Mariya Shenny of class XII as the Head Delegate . Master Vaishnav K represented Brazil, Master Deon D’Souza represented USA and Master Ivin Mathew represented Sudan for UNGA; Miss Shruthi Uday Menon represented Syria, Miss Ashwathy represented Indonesia and Master Ahmed Aijaz represented Saudi Arabia for UNHRC; Miss Jade Lourdes represented UK and Miss Pavitra Gadekar represented Amnesty International for UNSC; Master Leander George adorned the role of the Indian philosopher Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and Miss Ann Mariya Shenny took on famed Indian parliamentarian Dr. Sachchidananda Sinha for CAI.

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Master Deon D’Souza, Master Ivin Mathew and Master Vaishnav K were recognized for their zealous and unrelenting participation during the prize-distribution ceremony. The Best Position Paper in CAI was claimed by Miss Ann Mariya Shenny.
MUNs are a great opportunity for students to develop their communication and troubleshooting skills. They are provided with a professional environment where they are encouraged to evolve their analytical skills and make important decisions that shape the world. Each committee was headed by a director and two assistant directors, who supervised the whole conference. To many of the delegates, BMUN 2018 was the initial experience which helped them improve their vocational and problem-solving skills. It demanded them to rise up to international standards and act as the representatives of their respective countries. It broadened their horizons, making them aware of the problems of the world, and how, as a team, the world countries could work together to put an end to them.
As for the ICSKians, after two days of intense coaching, investigations and resolutions under the guidance of Mrs. Chandrika Ravikumar and Mrs. Saman Fathima, were able to sow the seeds of leadership and cooperative qualities deep within each student. They were compelled to sharpen their cognitive skills in order to come up with novel ideas that could solve the dire problems that prevail in the world. Each committee was presented with crises that tested their analytical skills. They were required to form blocks, thus instilling in them an inspiration of teamwork and cooperation for the greater good. The skillful coordination of the entire ICSK team owe its mettle to the captain of its ship Principal Dr. V. Binumon, who constantly endeavors to create higher platforms for the all-round development of the students.


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