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ICSK abreast in quizzing spree



ICSK abreast in quizzing spree

Quizzing is not arcane trivia. It is sharing the joy of acquiring knowledge. It is about curiosity and enthusiasm. It makes you think and take educated guesses. It is the willingness to learn.

ICSK abreast in quizzing spree It was all evident at the inter-branch quiz competition held at Indian Community School Kuwait, senior on February 27, 2019 as the participants and the audience went gaga over the questions and the answers. They were in gaiety of learning anew every 30 seconds or 1 minute.

Mr John Joseph, an orator and a known person among the world of quiz competitions in Kuwait mastered the quiz competition. In the midst of posing questions, he gave the students tips on preparing for quiz and oratory skills. He spoke on the importance of reading newspapers and books.

Each team included of two competitors. There were 5 rounds which comprised of General knowledge, Books and authors, picture, audio and rapid firing round. The rapid round was the last round and it was indeed crucial as 10 questions were fired in 1-minute time. The questions from current affairs to history to science and more excited the contestants and the spectators.

The team from ICSK Amman comprising of Reuben George Mathew and Caleb Kurian George, Sabah Faez Faisal and Siddharth ICSK abreast in quizzing spree Sunil; and Diya Ajay and Jehan Sharuk of ICSK senior won the first prize in the 3,4 and 5 categories respectively.

In the catagory 3 and 4 section, the second prizes were bagged by Aaron Varghese James and Liva Maria Sunil of Amman branch; and Arjun P Sujith and Reuben Laki George of Senior branch, respectively. In the catagory 5 section, the second spot was taken by Aishah Wafiyath and Sajitha Khan of ICSK Khaitan.

Dr Sam T Kuruvilla, Vice-Principal, ICSK senior presented the trophies and certificates to the students. ICSK has always been in utmost spirit and delight while participating or winning any competition. For the past sixty years, ICSK has been providing holistic education to the students in the Indian community here in Kuwait. The management and the principal have always been a driving force to the sustained development of the school.

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