“The realist sees reality as concrete. The optimist sees reality as clay.”

INDIAN CENTRAL SCHOOL - Primary wing organized clay modelling competition on 16th may 2019. The objective of the competition was to stimulate the imagination of the children and enable them to give it a better shape. Such activities helps to enhances the finger dexterity, careful handling of things and develops skills such as creativity and imagination. It also helps to develop hand and eye coordination. The children enjoyed the EVS activity and used their creativity well to make a healthy food plate. The tiny tots expressed their creativity beautifully rolling, squeezing and forming the clay with colours and giving life to their imagination. This competition was the perfect platform for children to meet their colourful desires and fantasy needs. Vice principal and supervisor visited all the classes and encouraged the children. We extend our sincere gratitude to our respected Principal Dr. Shantha Maria James for her continuous motivation and support.


clay modelling.jpg clay modelling1.jpg clay modelling10.jpg clay modelling11.jpg clay modelling12.jpg clay modelling13.jpg clay modelling14.jpg clay modelling15.jpg clay modelling16.jpg clay modelling17.jpg clay modelling18.jpg clay modelling19.jpg clay modelling2.jpg clay modelling20.jpg clay modelling21.jpg clay modelling22.jpg clay modelling23.jpg clay modelling24.jpg clay modelling25.jpg clay modelling26.jpg clay modelling27.jpg clay modelling28.jpg clay modelling29.jpg clay modelling3.jpg clay modelling30.jpg clay modelling31.jpg clay modelling32.jpg clay modelling33.jpg clay modelling34.jpg clay modelling35.jpg clay modelling36.jpg clay modelling37.jpg clay modelling38.jpg clay modelling39.jpg clay modelling4.jpg clay modelling40.jpg clay modelling41.jpg clay modelling42.jpg clay modelling43.jpg clay modelling44.jpg clay modelling45.jpg clay modelling46.jpg clay modelling47.jpg clay modelling48.jpg clay modelling49.jpg clay modelling5.jpg clay modelling50.jpg clay modelling51.jpg clay modelling6.jpg clay modelling7.jpg clay modelling8.jpg clay modelling9.jpg