Health Awareness Program boosts knowledge at Bhavans SIS

Health Awareness Program boosts knowledge at Bhavans SIS

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Health awareness – a part of academic discipline garners great reception among the students at school. Bhavan’s Smart Indian School had taken this initiative to demonstrate its range of approach with the support received from Health Ministry in Kuwait. The medical practitioner Dr. Hannah from ministry paid her visitation in September 2019 to enlighten the students about the effective impact on health hygiene. The students were the happy receptors of this session which included the clarification of queries from the young minds.

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Health literacy was dealt effectively by highlighting three major crisis which are majorly faced by the young and teens of school. The psychological stress that breeds stress and mental illness was elaborately explained along with its consequences and ill-effects on human minds. The unstable food routine which amasses junk and fast food was well brought out by the physician in the form of underscoring obesity to nurture the abstinence from processed food.

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The articulation, awareness and hygiene with safety and dignity were presented to the children to avoid careless stand of personal hygiene during the time of cycle. The session fetched a far-reaching result on students and they vowed to apply them in their daily life.

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