SIMS Hosts Confabulation with Dr. Shashi Tharoor

Salmiya Indian Model School(SIMS)  Hosts Confabulation with Dr. Shashi Tharoor 

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Dr. ShashiTharoor, MP for Thiruvananthapuram, author of 18 best-selling books and former UnderSecretaryGeneral,UnitedNations visited Salmiya Indian Model School on 29 October, 2019 for a Confabulation with students from 15 Indian schools of Kuwait. He also released 16- year -old KhushiDhillon’s first book during the event. Thanks to Indian Business & Professional council and Mr. Vijay Dhillon who could make it happen.

The relevance of the United Nations, How to choose a career, Importance of books and education and Role of parents were some of the topics on which Dr. ShashiTharoorspoke at length during his interaction with the students.

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Dr. ShaikhaMaimoona Al Sabah, owner and sponsor of SIMS, was also present for the event. She was joined by Mr. Ananth Kapadia, Chairman of Indian Business and Professional Council (IBPC) Kuwait, Mr. Vijay Dhillon,CEO, Ingenious Overseas Consultant, Mr. AijazSarfaraz, Managing Director at Sahara Air Conditioning Co, Dr. Anis Ahmad Director SIMS and the young writer Miss Khushi Dhillon

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Dr. Tharoor, who is known for his vigorous and extensive vocabulary and his ability to spin magic with words, completely enthralled the audience with his erudition and charming personality. When asked if he was offended by the memes about his vocabulary, he quipped, “I don’t spend too much time being offended. The world would be a more peaceful place if people did not get offended so easily.” Replying to a question about who he was most grateful to, he said that he attributed all his success to his parents who gave him the freedom to pursue his ‘preferences’.

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He also encouraged students to be ‘more engaged with the world’ to bolster their chances of success in life. He said that his motivation both as the Under-Secretary General and representative of his constituency was to serve the public and try to make a difference.He even advised the teachers to ‘teach the students how to think, not what to think’, students need ‘a well-formed mind, not a well-filled mind’. For students aspiring to get into the UN, he gave some useful career advice.

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After the confabulation, Dr. Tharoor released first-time writer KhushiDhillon’s book ‘Forbes in the making’. Miss Dhillon then took the podium to talk more about her book. She dedicated it to her father who never discriminated between a boy and a girl. She spoke of social stereotypes which keep girls restricted in social boundaries. She said it was important to teach girls to take risks, to give them exposure and train them to ask for more. She also advised the teenagers in the audience to focus on their goals to achieve stability in life.

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Dr. Tharoor then took the stage to speak about the author and her book. He said that she spoke with common sense and wisdom. He praised the layout of the book and the lucid and simple manner in which it was written. He also complimented her for organizing her thoughts into insightful lessons and producing such a readable book.

Finally, the program came to a successful end with the singing of The Indian National Anthem.

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