Pursuing Studies Abroad

Pursuing Studies Abroad

idpA session on ‘Study Options Abroad’ (Australia, Canada, UK, New Zealand, USA and Ireland) was conducted by Ms. Sujata Vora, the Country Manager, IDP, Kuwait in the auditorium of Indian Educational School on November 2, 2019 at 10 a.m.

The presentation was based on the subjects offered, pre-requisite subjects, tuition fees, career options at universities, IELTS-the English language test required for studying abroad etc. The session was open to parents and students of grades 9 to 12.

DSC 2668Ms. Sujatha explained the course details and job opportunities available in different countries. Her impressive PowerPoint presentation took the parents to their dream countries where they aspire their wards to study in future. She highlighted the requirements for each country with supporting points to present how each country was unique.

Ms. Sujatha emphasized that in order to study as an international student, there is a range of entry requirements one has to meet. She further briefed on IELTS, the cost associated with studying at a University, part time work alongside studies to support living and the socializing cost.

DSC 2669Special focus of the presentation was what one should consider when choosing ‘What’ and ‘Where’ to study. She mentioned that prioritizing academic interest and career goal would enable one to choose a specific course. 

Furthermore, various scholarships, the time requirement for an application to get processed, and the semester pattern for Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada & Ireland were explained in detail to the parents.

She reminded the parents to seek help from the IDP Counselor regarding the course details, the details of their preferred institutions, and location that best meet their preferences.

Parents were highly appreciative of such sessions organized by the school that will play a significant role in helping the students choose their career with a wider knowledge of the options available.

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