Venue : Indian Learners Own Academy, Kuwait

Date : 16th November 2019

A mathematics workshop exclusive for teachers teaching mathematics to classes 11 & 12 was organized by Indian Learners Own Academy, Kuwait in co-ordination with Goyal Overseas, on 16th November 2019 (Saturday) for 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Mr. Lalit Sharma was the resource person. Twenty-seven teachers of 12 Indian Schools attended the workshop. Mr. Lalit Sharma ILOA CONDUCTS MATHEMATICS WORKSHOPstarted the first session with Innovative Ideas related to Matrices and Determinants in which he explained different methods to frame questions.

He emphasized on concept-based teaching with Logical Reasoning.

Students must be encouraged to ask questions even if it is not related to curriculum. This will increase the students’ creative ability.

Practice sheets of matrices were distributed to teachers. Teachers were given 15 minutes to think the ways to solve it. After that all the questions were discussed in very interesting way. Concept of ‘quotient matrix’ was explained which is approved by Mathematics Association of America and will be published very soon.

ILOA CONDUCTS MATHEMATICS WORKSHOPAfter the first session was over, there was lunch break at 12: 30 p.m. Second session started at 1:00 p.m. in which common errors done by students were discussed. To rectify the errors, it was suggested that while teaching it should be explained how to avoid the errors.

Teachers were given the practice sheets of M.C.Q. on different topics. He insisted that while doing M.C.Q., True-False type questions should also be discussed. There are possibilities that these types of questions can be asked in objective type questions. There will be five higher order M.C.Q for Class 12 Board Exam which can be taken from topics—Relation and Functions, Differential Equations, Matrices and Determinants.

Lab Activity Manuals for classes 11 & 12 (written by Mr. Lalit Sharma) were given to teachers.

At the end of session Certificates were distributed to the teachers by Mr. Lalit Sharma and photograph of teachers were taken with the Principal Mrs. Asha Sharma and resource person Mr. Lalit Sharma.

The workshop was a great success. All the mathematics teachers got innovative ideas about Matrices and Determinants which is beneficial for teaching learning process. We learnt how to encourage the students with different way of explanation. It was truly worth to attend the workshop.



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