IES steals limelight at Kuwait Children Science Congress

IES steals limelight at Kuwait Children Science Congress

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Science International Forum Kuwait organised Kuwait Children Science Congress 2019 at Learners Own Academy on 22 November 2019 to discover the young scientists from 15 Indian schools in Kuwait. Indian Education School, Kuwait once again proved that they are indomitable. Out of the four winning teams, three were from IES and they qualified for the nationals with A+ grade and one of the junior groups won award for their outstanding performance with A grade. They also bagged the award for the best presentation.

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One of the junior teams comprising Ishann K Batta and Ananth Milan of grade 8 were guided by Physics teachers of IES - Mr. Sarath Ramachandran Valsala and Mr. Lijo.P.George. Their project was sustainable development- Agricultural Cobot and are qualified for nationals. The agricultural Co-Bot is an electrical vehicle that can run with rechargeable batteries which has a significant effect of usage in the field of agriculture.

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Shreya Varsh Arun of grade 11 and Marushka Rita Fernandes of grade 10 represented one of the senior teams. They were guided by Chemistry teachers- Mr. Senthilvelan M A and Ms. Priyalekshmi Sachin. Their project was Anti Bacto Roaches-An organic Manure. This project is a follow up of ‘ Cockroach -a protein feed ‘ that was done last year under the guidance of Ms.Anselma Tessy, Senior Vice Principal, IES and had won an outstanding grade by the same team. The credit for the concept goes to Mr.T. Premkumar, Principal, IES.

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The third team comprising Vishnu Balram and Aadil Mohamed of grade 10 were guided by Ms. Deepasree T C, Chemistry teacher and Ms. Leena Praveen, Biology teacher. Their project was Waste to Wealth- Human hair as bio-stimulant for the growth of plants.

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The fourth team consisting of Aditya Arun Kartha and Sidharth Sudheer of grade 5 were selected for the outstanding performance with A grade. They were guided by Ms. Aswathy Simil, faculty of Biology and Ms. Neena Clarence Miranda, faculty of Chemistry. Their project was efficacy of washed rice water or fermented rice water as an alternative to inorganic chemical fertilizers in seed germination and growth of plants. They also won prize for their best presentation.

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