IISM steps into Winter with ‘Marhaba Dimra’

 India International School


India International School is a buzz with a host of activities. It’s much awaited winter day celebration started on Wednesday 18th of December. Besides being a fun filled event for everyone at school, the infatuating arrangements had helped the children to learn a lot about winter. The advent of the winter season was celebrated in a grand manner with a lot to see for the kids. Children dressed in colourful winter, woolen attires got an opportunity to know more about the winter season.

Class I and II corridor was given the ambience of winter with snowballs and snowflakes. A part of the corridor featured a snow land with igloo and polar bears. The children were awestruck to see the glance of Antarctic. Towards the farther end of the school, ‘desert life in winter’ amazed the tiny tots. Tent , bonfire , barbeque with hot drinks like tea and soup made them get acquainted with the food need to be taken during winter season.

Hood, jackets, shawls, caps, blazers, sweaters, mufflers etc. were wonderfully displayed to make children aware of the different types of winter wear in “Winter Clothing” stall. To add to the fun the winter day also featured a lot of Christmas celebrations, fire place, Christmas tree was a treat to watch. Along with the above infotainment, the children were so educated with the precautions to be taken from illness during winter season. Common diseases caused and their prevention was displayed. The day ended up with a movie for the kids and they enjoyed to the core. 

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