Imagine ….. Once upon a time in KIPS



Imagine ….. Once upon a time in KIPS

Imagine ….. Once upon a time in KIPSKids International Pre School celebrated its Third Annual Day on Thursday, the 20th February 2020 and laid a track to moving ahead into our 4th year of educational journey.

If there are no stars, there won’t be any beauty in the sky. If, there are no difference of opinions there won’t be any creative innovative ideas. Similarly if there is no Annual Function in our Pre School, there won’t be any chance for our young and dynamic tiny buddies to uphold the pride of the Pre School, to catalogue the challenges we face, the endeavors we made and the success we achieved and to show what we were  what we are and what we will be.

Imagine ….. Once upon a time in KIPSThe programme commenced with the recitation of verses from Holy Quran followed by its translation. Master Rohit S Nair sang the Kuwait and Indian National Anthem and presented Surah Al Fatiha from “Amruthvani” a poetic Malayalam rendering of the Holy Quran by K G Raghavan Nair. This entailed the bouquet presentation and pinning of badges. The Principal of Kids International Pre School Mrs.Nilofar Qazi extended a warm welcome to all the dignatries  present - Mr.Reaven D’Souza (Managing Editor “The Times” – Kuwait), Mr.Rajesh Sagar (Advocate and member of NORKA Roots and legal advisor Imagine ….. Once upon a time in KIPSNORKA. Government of Kerala , Mr.Abdullah Fahad Abdullah Al Ajmi, Mrs.Samma Serri (Manager – Commercial Bank of Kuwait) Mrs.Meray Mahmud Al Farage ( Assist. Manager CBK) and Mrs.Sophy John (Principal in charge of India International School – Mangaf) who shared her thoughts on unique methods adopted by Kids international Preschool in imparting knowledge to impressionable minds.  This was followed by the distribution of Certificate of Participation to the “Mom’s” for their contribution in “Inner Imagine ….. Once upon a time in KIPSWheel” programme managed by the Administrative Manager Mrs.Najiyah Kader. The smart anchors of the cultural programme were Gagan, Hamida, Nathan, Yassin, Zeyad, Annas, Ayeza, Mohammed ismail, Ridmi, Sheil, Emily, Oviya, Challa, Zainab, Jewel, Mervin, Avanthika, Subiksha, Jithesh,Naira, Evan, Arav, Abdul Aziz. The School director of India International School (Mangaf) Mr.Malayil Moosa Khoya was superlative in his appreciation of the students and teachers for Imagine ….. Once upon a time in KIPSpresenting a classic program. He lauded the relentless hard work done by Principal Mrs.Nilofar Qazi, Vice Principal Mrs.Gayathri Bhaskaran, the Administrative Manager Mrs.Najiyah Kader, teaching and non-teaching staff of Kids International Preschool for presenting a mesmerizing experience.

Highlights of the program was to get a glance of school life of KIPS, a walkthrough “Indian Mela” which showcased the Indian Cultural Heritage from Imagine ….. Once upon a time in KIPSNorth to South and West to East. Audience were welcomed to witness the portrayal on the power of peace in the world followed by a little touch of patriotism which left the audience spellbound and craving for more. The breathtaking dramatic journey culminated with a spectacular grand finale showcasing the beautiful land of Kuwait .Kuwait is adorned with a glamorous suit every year with the start of February, marking the launch of glorious National and Liberation day which was recreated on stage by teachers and tiny tots of Kids International Preschool.

 Kudos, to the parents for their excellent co-operation and encouragement. The amazing and wonderful performances of the tiny tots added grandeur, grace and enchanted the audience with their talent. The show enchanted everyone present and brought to the fore the undiscovered talent of students.

The evening came to end with the vote of thanks presented by the Vice Principal of KIPS Mrs.Gayathri Bhaskaran


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