Orientation Program at Bhavans SIS for grade 10 on NEP

Orientation Program at Bhavans SIS for grade 10 on NEP

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The National Education Policy 2020 had come as a great boon to all the students who wish to recreate something new in their career choice. This comprehensive framework set to facilitate the students to put the stream to good use in accordance to their passion and interest had divulged its appealing work to the grade 10 students of Bhavans Smart Indian School in the virtual platform. The school Principal and Vice Principal along with the teachers of grade 10 were present with the parents and students for this online orientation program. Began with a motive to disseminate vibrant knowledge in the education system, the NEP came as an utter innovation to all the students of this year. 

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The Vice Principal of the school meticulously carried out the duty of elucidating the courses along with its hits and misses to the students who could otherwise choose in an impulsive way. The courses are structured in such a way that students are eligible to opt by examining them thoroughly provided that they invest their complete involvement in the course they wish to study. This dissolves the culture of rote learning and pushes the students to assimilate the culture of practical knowledge. The courses elaborated in the session had certainly helped the parents to gain benefits of the Indian Education System serving the criteria of global standard. The added new courses and the subjects that center on fine arts were the additional package to the students who desire to venture into the world of fashionable creativity. 

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The session had a delightful end by clearing the queries of the parents and wished all the students to hit a home run in this distinct year of the maiden new educational system. 

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