Bhavans SIS celebrates 'National Mathematics Day' virtually


Bhavans SIS celebrates 'National Mathematics Day' virtually

Mathematics possesses the truth and supreme beauty; a beauty cold and austere, like that of a Sculpture. 

Bhavans SIS celebrates 'National Mathematics Day' virtuallyThe event was yet another example of joyful learning in the virtual classrooms at Bhavans Smart Indian School. Yes, the Department of mathematics conducted many activities about mathematic concepts through which Ramanujan Day was commemorated excellently on 22 December 2020. Students of grade 6-11 attended this spectacular event at 9 a.m. to honour and marked the 125th birth anniversary of the Indian legendary mathematician SRINIVASA RAMANUJAN. The session Bhavans SIS celebrates 'National Mathematics Day' virtuallystarted with a welcome address by Deputy Head Girl Essa Manoj Mathew. 

The program was a power-packed entertainer with speeches, songs, magic show, skits, ultimate speedcubing show, a short film based on Sreenivasa Ramanujan's life and his inexplicable contributions to the Bhavans SIS celebrates 'National Mathematics Day' virtuallyfield of mathematics, online quiz, and a short film based on the importance of Hardy-Ramanujan number 1729. 

Although the pandemic left all of us trapped within the four walls of our room, it was no barrier to unleashing SIS students' creativity. Participants had to attend a rigorous competition to get through the preliminary and semi-final Bhavans SIS celebrates 'National Mathematics Day' virtuallyrounds of the events ultimate speedcubing show and an online quiz.  

Soon after the celebration in the zoom auditorium, regular classes in MS Teams continued, and math teachers conducted supplementary activities related to mathematics. Eventually, all the participants could feel that the zoom auditorium was like a big classroom when they celebrated mathematics's abstract beauty. 

Mr Mahesh Iyer, Principal of Smart Indian School, had appreciated the Department of Mathematics and all the students who put in the efforts that made this event a grand success. The vote of thanks was extended to all by Master Sambhav, a student from grade 11. The day ended with the quote "Mathematics expresses values that reflect the cosmos, including orderliness, balance, harmony, logic, and abstract beauty." 


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