Kindergarten wing of Bhavans SIS celebrated the Role Model Day

It is important for us to recognize and celebrate our he-roes and she-roes.

Bhavans SIS

Adults play a pivotal role in adolescents’ holistic development. One influential role that adults can play in adolescents’ life is that of Role Model. Role Model is a person who is perceived by others as worthy of imitation in terms of attitude, values, and behaviour. Children mostly adopt many of their attitudes and behaviour from watching the adults in their immediate environment which is their family members. 

To recognize and honour the Role Model of our tiny tots, Kindergarten wing of Bhavans Smart Indian School celebrated the Role Model Day on 17th December 2020. The kindergarteners were encouraged to dress up and enact as any one of their family members whom they contemplate as their Role Model. They were also motivated to speak a few sentences about their Role Model. The kids enthusiastically dressed up as their parents or grandparents, whom they consider as their ideals, heroes and best friends. 

The day aimed at giving an opportunity to our tiny tots to spotlight and appreciate the people in their lives who set positive examples which they aspire to emulate.  

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