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It’s amazing how the roller coaster ride of bringing up children leaves parents always feeling dizzy and unprepared !!  

We receive manuals packed neatly with every gadget we may buy, but somehow our children land up into our life MINUS any manuals or any instructions to update the maintenance systems of the ever changing and fast pace of growing up!  

In such scenario, it is heartwarming to note Indian Educational School, Kuwait has arranged for its parents an eye-opening Mindful Parenting session online - the Art of Living’s  ‘Know Your Teen’ and ‘Know Your Child’ Programs on 27th and 28th December 2020.  

On behalf of Indian Education School Kuwait's Chairman Mr. N.K.Ramachandran Menon, Principal Mr. T. Premkumar, Vice Principals, HOD's, coordinators and teachers, Ms.Anju Jacob, School Counselor, introduced and welcomed the distinguished speaker Ms. Anju Ramnani, to the parents, guests, delegates, and students to grace the occasion of the two days sessions. 

Ms. Anju Ramnani , Senior International faculty of Art of Living Foundation , toured the parents through learning mindful parenting and unlearning common assumptions which may result in negative moulding of our children . The 2 hours sessions on both days gave wonderful points on making positive impact on children rather than making home a battle ground between parents and children.  

The sessions aptly touched the pertinent challenges faced by parents of children 3 to 12 years of age ( Know Your Child ) and that of teens 13 to 18 years age ( Know Your Teen) and set the stage for parents to enjoy fulfilling parenthood with relationships that can be cherished lifetime with their children . 

The parents were very grateful for the sessions. The eye-opening questions and discussions made them realize that there’s more to learn from children rather than teach the children and it gave them the confidence that they can now move forward with their children , hand in hand ! The parents had a good experience of meditation conducted during the session and was inspired by the wisdom given by Sri Sri Ravishankar on "How to connect to a teenager?"- Teenagers are like a wild horse which needs to be reined, sharing inspiring stories etc. They were also impressed with the exercises conducted in break out rooms, points on teen's role model, career choice process and other beautiful points. 

Ms. Lalitha Premkumar, Vice Principal- Kindergarden & Primary IES, applauded the session as a fantastic program which sparked feeling of awakening and made parents reflect on how they unknowingly condition their children , killing their creativity in the process, further she quoted there were so many takeaways which laid the foundation for the life of kids who are under the care of teachers and parents. The session made her think a lot on the art of parenting. She appreciated that everything that Ms Anju Ramnani spoke had meant a lot to her and mentioned that teachers and parents owe to their children everything discussed in the session. 

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