Moment of Pride-DAS Schools Launch Maiden Digital Newsletter- DAS Digest

Moment of Pride-DAS Schools Launch Maiden Digital Newsletter- DAS Digest


School newsletters have always been an essential part of opening lines of communication between students, parents and schools.

Dar Al Salam Education Group introduced a collaborative digital newsletter- DAS Digest as an effective medium of correspondence available to its schools being- Aspire Indian International School, Indian Central School, and Pakistan English School. The newsletter also covers events and content from the prominent sports and arts private institution- DAS Academy.

As part of the community engagement initiative, the newsletter DAS Digest Vol 1.1, themed ‘Bringing the World to Your Classroom Virtually’ was launched at a webinar held on 9th January that received an overwhelming audience of students, parents, management executives, teachers and support staff.


The event was graced by the honorable Chairman Aspire Indian International School and Indian Central School , Mr. K. O. Mathew a popular business magnate in the Kuwait business world and Mr. Ahmed Al-Falah, distinguished Chairman of Pakistan English School  and Board member of Dar Al Salam, who has  been amongst the mastermind focusing on strategic planning, improvements and supporting DAS schools in achieving the vision.

‘With the launch of DAS Digest, I would like to congratulate every member of our schools who have worked together to put up the best of content and valuable contributions through research and collation of information. Every single step that began with the inception of DAS Digest to the actual publication of the first manuscript has been phenomenal in its kind and as we scroll through the content we can see how beautifully and confidently we as a collective community have experienced and faced the challenges that the year 2020 brought with it. I take this moment to congratulate team DAS Digest and DAS group of schools,’ said Mr. K.O. Mathew, Chairman of DAS Schools.


‘DAS Digest has been driven by ideas that have connected us as a community with an objective to serve our students better. As the editor-in-chief, I would like to thank and congratulate the editorial team of Aspire Indian International School, Indian Central School, Pakistan English Schools and DAS Academy for their relentless support, effort and contributions. You have been instrumental in shaping a thought into a reality that we now foresee as our corporate quarterly newsletter-DAS Digest,’ said Ms. Stephanie Mathew, Editor-in-Chief of DAS Digest and the community engagement executive at DAS Schools.

The webinar, presented by the Principals of the DAS Schools, Mrs. Anju Dheman, Dr Shantha Maria James and Mrs. Sanober Farrukh, was a spectacular event that gave an insight to the inception and featured content of DAS Digest and also entertained music and art enthusiasts. The winners of the cover page design were felicitated by the members of the Group and will also be receiving the e-certificates.


DAS Digest is available to read on its school websites in the community engagement section. Please follow the respective school links to read the newsletter:


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