FAIPS (DPS) 11th graders bid virtual adieu to their seniors

FAIPS (DPS) 11th graders bid virtual adieu to their seniors

"It is not the strongest nor the most intelligent who will excel, but those who can best manage change" said Charles Darwin. 

Class XII Farewell Pics

This statement sums up the spirit and enthusiasm with which FAIPS (DPS) students of Grade 11 hosted this year’s farewell to the outgoing class 12 batch of 2021. The students displayed admirable coordination spanning over a month and a half of preparation to pull off an online interactive event on a scale unprecedented at FAIPS.

The farewell program held on Zoom on 23rd December, 2020 with over 600 participants, aimed at bringing the physical farewell experience to the online platform. A short live skit performed by the school Vice-Head Boys, at the start of the program set the tone, a blend of formality and familiarity for the rest of the proceedings.

After invoking the God Almighty, the program commenced with the viewers being led into the first part of the exciting skit based on a mystery theme that was intertwined with all the events of the farewell. The viewers were then treated to a plethora of programs which kept everyone glued to their places. A melodious medley of English and Hindi songs, an intriguing quiz and a mesmerizing dance number combining contemporary and hip-hop styles were entertaining and enthralling. A lively interactive session was appreciated by the viewers.

The entire session was interspersed with the viewings of teachers’ messages conveying their blessings to the outgoing batch which was very motivating. The program concluded with the unraveling of the riveting mystery skit, with a poll for the seniors to guess the culprit to the ‘crime’ at hand.

The Principal, Mr. Ravi Ayanoli, always a guiding light in the development of school activities, in his touching speech congratulated the outgoing batch for adapting to the new format of learning and completing the course successfully. He urged the students to face up to the challenges stoically and not get bogged down by difficult times.

The Vice Principal, Ms. Vineeta Munshi delivered a concise and thoughtful speech, which served as an inspiration to both the batches present on farewell day. A few wise words from the members of Deputy Student Council were well received and appreciated by their seniors.

The show of team work and collaboration gives a glimpse of the student’s potential to take on the challenges despite unfavourable conditions and against all odds as they take it to the next level. The farewell is a signature event for any Batch and the students of grade 11 rose to the occasion to make the program a memorable one for their seniors.


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