INGENIUM 2021, Aspire Indian International School - A Celebration of Talent



ASPIRE INDIAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, is the first Delhi World Public School in Kuwait, under the aegis of Delhi World Foundation. At ASPIRE INDIAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, we believe that giving young students access to a variety of literature is extremely important for their success in life.  As a school, we take on the responsibility of nurturing students to develop a love and interest for language and literature from a very young age.

chitliOn January 16th 2021, Aspire Indian International School inaugurated a virtual inter-school literary festival - INGENIUM 2021, a celebration of talent. Aspire Indian International School prides itself on hosting a mega virtual literary event within a span of five months from inception.

eventsThe inauguration ceremony was graced by the presence of the distinguished Guest of Honor, prominent designated senior leader of India and a visionary patriarch of the Delhi World Foundation, Mr. Salman Khurshid, Mrs. Louise Khurshid, Chairperson and founding trustee of Delhi World Foundation, Dr. Punam Kashyap, Director-ERC and Mrs. Chaitali Roy, a philanthropist and an eminent journalist in Kuwait.

The event was introduced by members of Aspire Indian International School with Ms. falahStephanie Mathew, community engagement executive at Dar Al Salam Schools giving an insight into the organizing of the festival and various avenues available to the participants.

Mr. Salman Khurshid applauded the efforts of the school in organizing a well-planned event and appreciated the school for taking initiative to provide opportunities to students groupin times when exploring new platforms had become limited. He lauded the efforts of Principal Mrs. Anju Dheman and Team Aspire for growing the school in line with the vision of Delhi World Foundation.

Mrs. Louise Khurshid supported the event as being a force to reckon with and wished the school great success and glory in spite of her absence at the inauguration ceremony.

Ingenium grade7Dr. Punam Kashyap motivated the students for developing an interest in literature and applauded the efforts of Team Aspire for creating opportunities that harness the talents of young learners.

Mrs. Chaitali Roy spoke on the importance of reviving literature in current times and shared her experience as a child when confining to books gave one immense pleasure ingmand brought in a world of wisdom that has shaped her career as an eminent journalist.

Principal Mrs. Anju Dheman welcomed the panelists and encouraged young participants to savor every moment they experienced in this unique virtual event. Mrs. Dheman thanked the members of the eight participating schools and their Principals for their support in encouraging students to take part in Ingenium-2021.

ingm1‘We at Aspire Indian International School and other schools of Dar Al Salam Educational Company have always valued the importance of giving our students opportunities to discover their talent and we understand the fundamental role language plays in developing speaking and cognitive skills. It is highly encouraging to see our schools taking on initiatives that work toward achieving our goals of creating and supporting our young talented students in harnessing their skills.

ingm11I take this moment to appreciate the efforts of Aspire Indian International School in organizing this unique program with the idea of bringing so much talent under one platform and being generous in providing this opportunity to students of all schools.

I am humbled at the support we have received from Delhi World Foundation and our honorable guests today, who graced the occasion with their presence,’ said Mr. K.O. Mathew, Chairman of Dar Al Salam Schools.

khadja‘I am delighted to understand that INGENIUM has been receiving overwhelming responses and we are glad to provide this unique platform to young learners.

We wish the participants of the event the very best and we look forward to watching their performance,’ said Mr. Ahmed Al Falah, the Vice Chairman of Aspire Indian International School.

Pmm5Aspire Indian International School is amongst the highly sought schools in Kuwait for admissions to students from kindergarten to grade 8, and is driven by its primary purpose, to provide premium education within the reach of every student.  Aspire Indian International School sets a benchmark for quality education and shapes the future of learning for the next generation. They are currently open for admissions. For admissions contact: 55195455 and

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