Bhavans IES, Kuwait - IELTS Training Session for Senior Students

Bhavans IES, Kuwait - IELTS Training Session for Senior Students 

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Indian Education School under the Skilful Guidance of it’s Chairman Mr. N.K.Ramachandran Menon and the Source of Knowledge, Principal Mr. T. Premkumar marked the beginning of the New Year 2021 with yet another demanding session for the senior grade students ‘Highest Band in IELTS is possible with Practice’ on the 16th, 23rd and 26th of January 2021 at 10a.m. in the virtual platform.

The three days session Coordinated by the School Counselor Ms. Anju Jacob, supported by the IT head Ms. Elizabeth Thomas was propitiously ushered by the most proficient, experienced, professional IELTS guide and mentor Ms. Mary Sebastian, known for her expertise in the field of English language, over three decades of teaching experience and as a teacher trainer across Middle East and India.

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Ms. Mary provided an impetus into the understanding of the International English Language Test System (IELTS) from its mere definition to the reason Why? It is still considered the most reputable English tests used to appraise the language proficiency of those who intend to study or work in an English speaking country. She also explained IELTS to be one of the most large-scale proficiency tests which affects the lives of many students, as well as immigrants and the result of the test used for making crucial decisions related to academics or career. Moreover understanding the four IELTS components: listening, speaking, reading and writing and the need to complete it in one sitting with the highest band was explained to the students.The difference between IELTS - Academics and General, Validity of the test plus the effort and efficiency required to crack it was elucidated.

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To begin, the Day 1 session, the students were illustrated with example, the nature of questions expected in the IELTS Speaking component- namely interview, individual speaking task, discussion time and the tips and techniques to be followed in giving an answer. Ms. Mary explained to them the kind of questions most likely to appear in a speaking test cue card and the procedure to follow to secure the highest band in it. Further on, speaking test references, practice sites and few cue cards were showcased in the session for the benefit of the students.

Next an important and interesting IELTS component Listening and the possibility of securing the highest band if one concentrates and avoids distraction throughout the 30 minutes of the test was made clear. Moreover the need to excel in listening test that would enhance once motivational level and confidence to face the other components namely reading and writing with ease was expounded.

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The second day session commenced with a positive quote ‘Getting band 9 for IELTS Listening is possible’. Followed by the tips and techniques that would assure a desired IELTS Listening score, the students were exposed to a complete practical listening activity. Moreover, the need to practice on a daily basis different listening materials namely radio reports, TV-shows, documentary programs and the need to be able to distinguish between Listening and Hearing and the important element Attention which would ensure one to secure the highest band in Listening were illustrated.

Next, Effective time Management and the need to enforce strict time division for each section while facing an Academic Reading Component which is considered the most challenging component in an IELTS test was discussed. Ms. Mary explained in detail the headings under academic and general reading namely the difference between True or False or Not Given, Yes or No or Not given, summary completion, multiple choice, matching the headings, choosing a title, flow chart type, diagram completion, and much more. She also posed few questions which were proficiently answered by the students at the end of the academic reading training session.

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The third day session marked the importance of Writing as an indistinguishable component and the success depends on using the right techniques. Ms. Mary explained the difference between academic and general IELTS writing and the need to focus on paraphrasing, skills, ideas, spelling etc. In addition, word limit, types of essay, style and tone, expressing an opinion, balancing an argument and suggesting a solution to a problem were explained in detail.

The 3 days IELTS training session for the senior students of Indian Education School Kuwait concluded with the feedback of the students who opined they learnt a lot from the course beyond what they expected including the step by step approach required to acquire the highest band. They also expressed their gratitude to the trainer Ms. Mary for sharing additional resources which made their understanding better and easy, the School Counselor Ms. Anju, appreciated the effort and time taken by Ms. Mary for the informative and interesting session. Thus the three days edifying, enriching, educative session concluded with a request to conduct many more in future for the benefit of the students.

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