Winter winter go away, spring season is on its way, says little kindergarteners of Smart Indian School. 

Winter winter go away, spring season is on its way, says little kindergarteners of Smart Indian School

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Spring is the time of the year when it is summer in the sun and winter in the shade. Spring is a season of hope not only for the farmers but for the entire mankind. Being a season for rebirth, regrowth, and renewal, it is a season for great hope and strength and so the kids of Bhavans Smart Indian school also celebrated the ‘Spring Day’ on 18 February 2021 virtually. 

Spring, a season of flowers reminds us that it is not too late, and we can still do a new beginning. The green leaves signifying new hopes tell us not to be disappointed but to continue our tasks in fulfilling our goals and attaining great heights.  

The kids were shown how regrowth and renewal usually takes place in summers after the cold winters and how important it is for the spring season to come up. They also did a paper activity where the LKG kids made a beautiful flower with strips of paper whereas the UKG kids made beautiful and colorful Tulip flowers as the highlight of the day. Though the pandemic has shut them up from enjoying nature, the kids really hope for a great renewal of their mind through this spring season. 

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