Welcoming the Parent Community to the Aspire Indian International School- Kindergarten Wing

AIIS - LKG Orientation 2021

“A great education begins with a great kindergarten experience”

AIIS - lkg orientation 2021Aspire Indian International School, a Delhi World Public School, held a kindergarten orientation for the new parents to get a comprehensive overview of the yearly kindergarten program. The session provided the parents an insight into how they should expect their wards to transition to school.

The KG Team shared specific information about the classroom schedules, daily and special activities, the snacking periods, online classroom strategies. During AIIS - lkg orientation 2021the session the parents learnt about each aspect of kindergarten and what to expect throughout the year. Parents appreciated the efforts of teachers with the children.

An orientation program was a parent engagement session that brought together the parent and school community to prepare for the necessary support to AIIS - lkg orientation 2021make their child’s early learning years successful.

The event also premiered Aspire kindergartener’s activity film that helped the parents to get a better assimilation of a child’s learning strengths and recognize areas in need of development and every other vital information related to the kindergarten.

AIIS - lkg orientation 2021Mr. K.O. Mathews, Chairman, AIIS, welcomed the parents with an assurance that AIIS strongly advocates “celebrating childhood” and our KG program is designed to suit the emotional needs of little ones.

Mr. Ahmed Al Falah, Vice Chairman, AIIS, emphasized on showering care and love on little ones so that they could blossom into beautiful flowers.

AIIS - lkg orientation 2021Ms. Stephanie Mathews, Community Engagement Executive, Dar Al Salam schools said that AIIS has introduced more interesting and organized teaching pedagogies to ensure we provide quality in Inquiry based learning.

Ms. Mary Joseph, Compliance Officer, welcomed the parents with a beautiful note that each child is a flower AIIS - lkg orientation 2021and together they are the colorful garden of AIIS Kindergarten.

Ms. Sana Kazi, Training Coordinator, guided the parents with very useful parenting tips.

Principal Mrs. Anju Dheman reiterated the need of collaboration between the teachers the parents and when a partnership approach between parents and teachers is evident, children's work habits get better, they develop positive attitudes about learning and it leads to skill building. 

The KG team consisting of Ms. Helen, Ms. Rossita, Mathew Sir, Ms. Joolsy, Ms. Saritha and Ms. Ayodhaya were introduced to the new parents.


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