Online Parent Orientation for Indian School of Excellence, Kuwait



Online Parent Orientation Press Report Collage

Success is a journey not a destination, with many small stops!!

Virtual life has become the most common trends of all. From Family reunions, gatherings to Celebrations, each of us relies on the virtual life to connect with our dear ones in the current situation. Team ISEK too connected virtually with their Parents on April 1st, 2021 to commence the beginning of the upcoming Academic Year.

The Parent Orientation was held to give the parents a clear idea on what to expect during the upcoming virtual session, how to support their children to excel in the best way possible with lot more fun.

The welcome address by the Principal, Mrs. Sherly Dennis, was short and crisp and yet key to getting the most important point across to the parents to give the children freedom of expression through activities instead of giving them gadgets. She put the point across to parents not as a Principal, but, a parent herself, saying how important it is for the children to have some dedicated time from parents instead of material things.

Mrs. Sandhya Arun shared details on the various aspects of the virtual classes, from timings to the platform especially designed for ISEK. She also gave more clarifications on how Digital Learning Suite (DLS) will be playing a vital role in not only connecting the students and teachers but also teachers and parents.

Classes can be extremely communicative, colorful and sometimes noisy and a lot of fun when it is conducted physically. Virtual classes have changed the outlook for so many students and teachers. The methods used for teaching have become more innovative, students can attend from any part of the world and still stay connected. The guidelines shared through presentation, will definitely help the parents and students to make virtual learning more effective and easier.

Excitement as well as positive energy was as vibrant as the smiles on the faces of all the parents. ISEK Team is eagerly waiting for the New Academic Year from 5th April 2021.


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