Graduating from the Kindergarten is a milestone for each child and they deserve to be recognized. It marks a new beginning which brings in new dimensions to a child’s school life and the journey ahead. To celebrate this joyous occasion, the teachers at FAIPS Kindergarten made a humble attempt to make this day memorable for the little ones and the parents.

Since virtual classrooms defined learning for the year 2020-2021, FAIPS(DPS) Kindergarten celebrated their first Virtual Graduation Day on 10th March, 2021.

The children were extremely excited to be part of this wonderful event. The enthusiasm of the teachers spoke volumes about their dedication to this noble profession. The teachers also applauded the parents for being partners in this educational journey.

This was followed by a nostalgic moment, the picture presentation of the star-studded galaxy of the graduates. The pictures of the children adorning the graduation gown mesmerized the audience. As each child’s picture was presented, the children applauded enthusiastically. The presentation  captured the emotion of one and all.

It was an extremely emotional journey for the teachers and children, they had not seen each other in person throughout the academic year but the bonding shared between them was beyond words.  The Principal, Mr. Ravi Ayanoli and Headmistress Mrs. Bharti Tiwari graced the occasion and congratulated the children and gave their best wishes to them.

This virtual Graduation, along with its nostalgia, will always be the most memorable one for all.


IFL 2021 Republic Day Special